Devblog #3: Into The Notebook

This week has seen the last of the overland and much of the city terrain complete, and now, it’s back into my handy-dandy notebook, writing up quests for gameplay.  Each of these quests is set to come in 4 tiers:

Tier 1.  Newbie quests for players, level 1-2 to help them gain familiarity with the game, get some starting cash built up, and find their place in the world.
Tier 2. Adventure! For characters level 2-6, allowing them to embrace the core themes of Dungeons and Dragons, engaging in various adventures and dungeon crawls.
Tier 3. Up to level 10 for the starter, these are the bigger, tougher quests, for which forming a party is almost necessity.
Tier 4. Storyline quest that peel back the shroud over the world’s history and nature.

With these coming together, a lot more of the world building and local and regional stories are starting to come together, resulting in more content for the online sourcebook. Now, it’s just a matter of finishing these sequences up, getting them coded into the game, and actually making them a thing!

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