Make Your Mark, Contest #1:

At long last, the name list of all of the planned locations is complete. Some of them have a little more flesh and somewhat bigger plans than other parts, but every location on this list matters in the game. The current adventure/civilization location map comes in at a little over 200. Now, it’s time for you to make your mark on the world!

At the bottom of this post is a link to a Google Sheet that has every location name, its region, what KIND of location it is, and little notes about the landscape around it. Read over the ones that you find interesting, and if the name, the terrain, any part of it sparks a little bit of inspiration in your mind, jot your notes down to the right on the spreadsheet, and include a little name or blurb or something to let us know who you are. Please be consistent with your name/initials!

Please don’t type over other people’s notes–that’s just rude!

YOUR STORY HOOKS are going to be adding flavor, flesh, and a collective spark to the world to give the world more variety, more flavor, and spice things up so not everything feels like it’s written by the same two or three people. Aaaaand just to keep it interesting, whoever ends up with the most notes that get adopted for the game wins a copy of either Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition or Rust, your choice! This list is long, and there’s a lot to consider, so we’re going to let this contest run until October 1st, so get your thinking caps on, jump in there, and share your thoughts!

(Copy/Paste to your browser if the link above gives you trouble.)

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