Devblog #2: Pieces Coming Together

It’s been a pretty busy week, without a ton to show for it.  Our area spreadsheet is already producing some great information and some of that has already been incorporated into the game maps, and subsequent updates to the sourcebook entries once those start getting added more regularly. Our schedule for the first couple of weeks is going to be hectic and remain focused on getting the introduction out, looking nice, and playing smooth.  As this is coming to you ON the day that the intro was supposed to be in your hands, clearly the schedule has slipped.  Sorry about that. With no further ado, let’s get into the list up updates:

  • Overland terrain for the intro is completed.  Most areas still need final prop work, population, and quest markers.
  • Still have to finish prop work, population, and quest markers!
  • Town layout and planning is completed; terrain layout will be finished in the early part of the coming week.
  • We had our first design stream! It was a lot of fun, several people popped in to say hello and chat with us.  We’ll be doing the next on August 3rd, toward the evening.
  • We are now taking applications for volunteers who would like to help with the design and development of our little world!

And really, that’s just about it.  There’s not a whole lot to say this week, as we’re just nose-down trying to get the first intro to Haze into your hands and ready to start toying with, while we work on getting Northern Escheala built and ready for release. To help sate your appetite for more, have a peek at a couple of the in-progress zones before they move to the final steps of production this Friday!


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