Kingdoms of Haze is a custom persistent world for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition with a custom setting, using the Community Expansion Pack and with stories, quests, and characters from a staff of talented writers and game designers. All woven together, you have a massive world featuring four continents, deep lore, and a world where your character’s choices have important impacts not just on their own development, but on the world around them. Kingdoms of Haze is currently under active development, with its first module scheduled for release in December 2018, and regular updates until the full game world is fully loaded into the game. Quests, cities, nations, and NPC’s will constantly be upgraded and grow and change to reflect the world’s events, and regular interactive live events will drive the world forward until all is revealed, as players peel back the mysteries of Haze.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Devblog posts here, or join us for updates on Facebook or in our Discussion Group. You can also join us on Discord to share your feedback and talk directly with the game’s design staff on our #nwn-development channel!  Wherever you connect, however you want to learn about us and share in the joy of shaping this world, we’re there, and we welcome input from all!

A playable demo that introduces players to the world, provides some social areas, and several NPC’s to begin explaining the world to players and help them find their place and develop character within should be available in late July or August of 2018, and regular Q&A/design sessions will be made available online through Twitch, as well.